Prejudice - Racism Sexism A form of prejudice that surfaces...

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Prejudice What groups have faced prejudice in the US? Racial/ethnic Socioeconomic Disabled/mentally ill Age groups Sexual orientation Gender What is prejudice? Prejudice o Affect/attitudinal component o Hostile/negative affect prejudgment of a group and its individual members based solely on their membership in that group o Clark & Clark (1947) African Americans young as 3 already thought it was not particularly desirable to be black White vs. black doll (white prettier and superior) Evidence used in supreme court segregation case Stereotype o Cognitive element o Belief/schema about the personal attributes of a group of people in which identical characteristics are assigned to virtually all members of the group o Cognitive component o Can be positive or negative New Yorkers, dumb blondes Discrimination o Behavior element
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Unformatted text preview: Racism Sexism A form of prejudice that surfaces in subtle ways when it is safe, socially acceptable and easy to rationalize Pool video Subtle forms of prejudice o Prejudiced attitudes and discriminatory behaviors surface when they hide behind the screen of some other motive Denials o MIT researchers- 5000 different resumes, assigned white name or black name DV: call backs Outcome White names 1/10 Black names 1/15 o Team trained to uniformly negotiate lowest price on 11,000 car, 90 Chicago land dealers Male/female, black/white DV: final price White man 11,362 African American man 11,783 White woman 11,504 African American woman 12, 237 o Women and minorities receive less pay for the same work o Overweight women received less money to go to college than regular sized women...
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Prejudice - Racism Sexism A form of prejudice that surfaces...

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