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Kitty Genovese People witness/heard part of assault March 13, 1964 New York Times article o “for more than half an hour 38 respectable people watched a women get stalked and stabbed. Only one called police after she was dead” Winston Mosley murdered/sexually assaulted Genovese Some neighbors heard or saw part of it, and some acted while others did not First attack occurred in parking lot, Mosley was frightened off when a resident shouted at him Police were called immediately after 1 st attack; lack of response could be attributed to location/neighborhood, apartment nearby
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Unformatted text preview: local bar w/ lots of trouble • Second attack occurred short while later inside the building in the stairwell where only one person could have witnessed it happening Bystander effect • Tendency for each group member to dilute personal responsibility for acting by spreading it among all other group members • Meta analysis of 50 studies by Latane & Nida • Diffusion of responsibility + social influence • Bystander effect is most pronounced when bystanders are strangers to each other • Contrary evidence when bystanders are friends...
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