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The Need to Affiliate

The Need to Affiliate - The Need to Affiliate(Belong The...

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The Need to Affiliate (Belong) The tendency to affiliate appears to be based on neurobiological factors (attachments enhance survival; attachments dominate our thinking & emotions) When affiliation needs are not met, sadness and anger may result and cognitive functioning may be affected Attraction is determined by: Proximity o The more we see and interact with people the more likely we are to develop relationships with them o The physical closeness between two individuals with respect to where they live, where they sit in a classroom helps determine those with who we have relationships o Westgate west study Studied friendship patterns in dorms Results: Next door 41% (19 feet) One door down 22% (32 feet) Two doors down 10% (88 feet) o Interactions Geographical distance Functional distance Tend to date those who live nearby or in same type of housing they do Anticipation of interaction- anticipatory liking Don’t know person, see them everyday, start anticipating that we will like them
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