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Stress-Intro - o Stress inhibits immune system o Adaptive...

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What is stress? Definitions o Negative feelings and beliefs that arise whenever people feel unable to cope with demands from their environment o Perceived discrepancy between a person’s demands and his/her resources to cope with those demands Physical Stressors o Direct physical threat to well-being Psychological stressors o Challenge to well-being Physiological measures o Blood pressure o Respiration rate o Hormone levels Social readjustment rating scale o Death of spouse 100 o Vacation 13 o Marriage 50 o Use ratings to look at associations with perceived stress/functioning Stress has an adaptive purpose o Fight or flight response- responding to a stressor by either attacking it or fleeing from it Physiological arousal Heart rate increases, pupils dilate, alert Release of stress hormones
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Unformatted text preview: o Stress inhibits immune system o Adaptive: allows people to respond quickly to threat o Maladaptive: disrupts emotional and physiological functions, can lead to health problems General Adaptation Syndrome • Alarm reaction o Brief drop in arousal (shock) o Dramatic increase in arousal (fight or flight response) • Stage of Resistance o Body tries to adapt to stressor o Arousal declines slightly but remains higher than normal • Stage of exhaustion o Body is depleted of energy o Disease and damage possible Diathesis stress model • Person has predisposition to develop an illness, but it may remain dormant unless triggered by stress • Diathesis predisposition to an illness • Tendency to respond in a specific way can make body more vulnerable o Type A personality...
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