Stress-Intro - o Stress inhibits immune system o Adaptive:...

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What is stress? Definitions o Negative feelings and beliefs that arise whenever people feel unable to cope with demands from their environment o Perceived discrepancy between a person’s demands and his/her resources to cope with those demands Physical Stressors o Direct physical threat to well-being Psychological stressors o Challenge to well-being Physiological measures o Blood pressure o Respiration rate o Hormone levels Social readjustment rating scale o Death of spouse 100 o Vacation 13 o Marriage 50 o Use ratings to look at associations with perceived stress/functioning Stress has an adaptive purpose o Fight or flight response- responding to a stressor by either attacking it or fleeing from it Physiological arousal Heart rate increases, pupils dilate, alert Release of stress hormones
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Unformatted text preview: o Stress inhibits immune system o Adaptive: allows people to respond quickly to threat o Maladaptive: disrupts emotional and physiological functions, can lead to health problems General Adaptation Syndrome Alarm reaction o Brief drop in arousal (shock) o Dramatic increase in arousal (fight or flight response) Stage of Resistance o Body tries to adapt to stressor o Arousal declines slightly but remains higher than normal Stage of exhaustion o Body is depleted of energy o Disease and damage possible Diathesis stress model Person has predisposition to develop an illness, but it may remain dormant unless triggered by stress Diathesis predisposition to an illness Tendency to respond in a specific way can make body more vulnerable o Type A personality...
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Stress-Intro - o Stress inhibits immune system o Adaptive:...

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