Six Principles of Persuasion

Six Principles of Persuasion - acceptance Establish...

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Six Principles of Persuasion KNOW THESE!! Reciprocation Repay in kind, sense of obligation what another person has provided for us Give you something, feel obligated to reciprocate Feel like we have to do something Rejection then retreat Start with extreme request, its rejected, come back with smaller request you wanted all along, accepted Scarcity The rule of the few, people prize what is scarce Value goes up when things are produced in limited quantities Highlight exclusive information or opportunity Illusion of scarcity very powerful Used often with realty Authority Deferring to credible sources Deference, compliance, obedience,
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Unformatted text preview: acceptance Establish credibility/authority Uniforms are not a coincidence • Impart unspoken message of influence Commitment We make a carefully considered decision or analysis and then make a commitment Afterward, strong tendency to defend and reinforce that position consistently, regardless of how right or wrong it was Loyal customers/vocal supporters of brand Liking Respond more affirmatively to those they like Friendliness Physical attractiveness Similarity in interest, lifestyle, and culture Consensus Social proof Using others as an example of how you should think/act...
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Six Principles of Persuasion - acceptance Establish...

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