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Self esteem: How much value people place on themselves Can fluctuate in response to life experiences High self-esteem: highly positive global self evaluation Low: negative self evaluation Comes from: o Identity/roles o Evaluations of oneself o Successes in valued domains Performance, social skills o Societal values o In America, men typically have higher levels of self-esteem Women base esteem more on appearance and media portrayls Self-serving Bias o Explaining positive and negative events
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Unformatted text preview: Self-serving attributions Tendency to attribute positive outcomes to oneself and negative outcomes to other factors • Contribute to marital discord, worker dissatisfaction, and bargaining impasses o Above average effect Tendency to rate self as above the average on most positive aspects o Explaining self-serving bias: by product of how we process and remember information about ourselves May be adaptive, protects people from depression Maladaptive, group-serving bias...
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