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Safe City Project

Safe City Project - Safe City Project Need simple practical...

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Safe City Project Need simple, practical, and low cost interventions for STDs o Decided video based interventions – find the effectiveness of a stand-alone video o 5 year CDC funded multi-site study o Is video: Feasible? Acceptable? Effective? Sustainable? Formative process o Identification of theoretical framework, and key messages by research team o Collaboration with award-winning film maker to integrate framework in an appealing product o Multi-step participatory process involving target audience, clinic staff, and community advisors o Pilot testing of video in 3 STD clinics Intervention Development: Integrated Theoretical Frame work o Take: Theory of planned behavior Social cognitive theory Information motivation behavior model o Find core constructs of these three theories and group them into interconnected elements HIV/STD risk, knowledge, perception People’s beliefs about risk very important Positive attitude toward condom use
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