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Aerial Photography - • Look under surface w/o actually...

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Aerial Photography Need money Buy satellite/aerial photographs before applying for grant money Buried/overgrown, can only see from the air (Nazca Lines) Crop marks- plants grown on top of old walls stunted growth, plants on top of ditches grow larger, cause crop marks o England has really good crop marks Shadows Just the first step o Need to land and see what’s there o Possibly excavate Might need infrared sensoring Used metal detectors for battlefield archaeology Get amateurs and form survey Plant flag whenever metal detector dings Allows you to place how the battle flowed Ground-penetrating Radar:
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Unformatted text preview: • Look under surface w/o actually excavating Electronic resistivity survey • Put two things in earth and run electric current between them, wall with break up current • Used at troy to find entire lower city • Map buildings and site features Magnetometer • Measure used magnetic field of objects GIS/GPS Total station theodolite • Advancement in basic equipment o How deep it is, how far o Replaced to find angles, etc Can survey within site that has already been excavated (Kabri finding rest of palace) Before 1960s, most people surveyed only to figure out where to excavate Surveys and digging now...
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