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Amazing discoveries…

Amazing discoveries… - Sodom and...

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Amazing discoveries… Discovered by investigator of ghosts, a former SWAT team member, a nurse from TN, and others w/o any training Junk Science- advocates a cause, pays little attention to the investigative process, ignores contrary evidence, and advertises a high moral purpose Bob Cornuke- former SWAT team member… has degree from a diploma mill Ron Wyatt- “discovered” Noah’s Ark Noah’s Ark Garden of Eden Michael Sanders- o Claims to have found garden of eden, lots of other stuff David Rohl- archaeologist who went over to the dark side Will never know if we find the garden of eden
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Unformatted text preview: Sodom and Gomorrah • Ron wyatt • Michael Sanders • Other people Ark of the Covenant • Wyatt • Tom Crotser • Michael Sanders • Bob Cornuke Must be examined using proper arcaheological, literary, and historical data Most can’t be solved Should be forthright with our findings We should not minimize problems introduced by new data We should not stretch interpretations of data or make claims beyond what the data can support Take history of bible seriously but not place upon archaeology the burden of proving it Look for evidence of pseudo archaeology and email links...
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