Archaeological Excavation

Archaeological Excavation - Archaeological excavation...

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Archaeological excavation- Yields the most reliable evidence for the two main kinds of information that archeologists are interested in: o 1. Human activities at a particular period in the past o 2. Changes in those activities from period to period Stratification o Layers or strata are laid down, one on top of the other, according to processes that still continue… o Law of superposition- lower layer there first, mostly To run an excavation: o Director must be competent archaeologist o Must also be: Accountant- manage budget/grants Politician- make the locals happy Doctor- numerous accidents on excavations Mechanic- car breaks down, sometimes in middle of nowhere Personnel manager- help staff/volunteers from killing each other Cook- know how or hire one o Multidisciplinary Team Botanist Geologist Zoologist Archaeologist Other specialists o Excavation staff: Site supervisors- very experienced Recording experts- record everything on forms
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Archaeological Excavation - Archaeological excavation...

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