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Artifacts, Classification, and Technology

Artifacts, Classification, and Technology - physical or...

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Artifacts, Classification, and Technology Objectives of Classification Organizing data into manageable units o Whole point of classification Describing types Identifying relationships between types Studying assemblage variability in the archaeological record Don’t classify, no better than a looter Typology Is a system of classification based on the construction of types o Type is a grouping of artifacts based on form, chronology, function, or style o Depends on what you are looking for o Typology one main aim: permits comparison Comparison allows archaeologist to align the assemblage with others in time and space o Diagnostic Rim, handle, vase Expert can give exact details from seeing these parts o Split sherds and diagnostics Divide into time periods Archaeological types o Four types of types: o Descriptive types are based on the form of the artifact, using
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Unformatted text preview: physical or external properties o Chronological type are also defined by decoration or form, but they are time markers. They are defined in terms of attributes that show changes over time o Functional type based on cultural use or role in their users culture rather than on outward form or chronological position o Stylistic type: use changing styles for classification purposes Attribute analysis • Physical characteristics or features of significance used to distinguish one artifact from another are known as attributes • Attribute analysis emphasizes combinations of attributes that distinguish and isolate one artifact type from another. Three broad groups used: o Formal attributes- shape/dimensions/components o Stylistic attributes- decoration, color surface o Technological attributes- material used to make artifact...
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Artifacts, Classification, and Technology - physical or...

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