BiblicalArcheology - • Dating tree ring by counting the...

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Biblical Archaeology Dating Methods Absolute chronology o Chronometric chronology o Refers to dates in years. This can be used when one has coins or calendars Relative chronology o Establishes chronological relationships between sites and cultures Seriation Type of relative “sequence dating” technique of ordering artifacts by their structure and design, especially using their frequency or popularity of use in a culture. o Pottery seriation, invented by sir flinders petrie in the 1800s and 1890, earliest known example of sequence dating o Type of relative dating Unless you find something next to it like a coin that would have a date Pottery goes in and out of style Doesn’t work with prepottery society Tree-ring dating (dendrochronology)
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Unformatted text preview: • Dating tree ring by counting the rings and through radiocarbon dating • Need to link up a lot of different trees • They do overlap • Another kind of relative dating Carbon 14 Dating • Not exact • Half-life 5730 Other dating methods • Rehydroxilization o Announced last april o Not sure yet if it works o When u fire pottery, gets rid of all water in clay, minute it comes out of kiln begins to reobsorb it at a constant rate • Potassium-argon • Obsidian hydration • Thermoluminescence • Electric spin resonance • Uranium series • Fission-track • Archaeomagnetic Find written texts that discuss dates, already dated events help too • Ex: Qatna cuneiform tablet o Writing tells name of king, already knew when king ruled...
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BiblicalArcheology - • Dating tree ring by counting the...

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