ExamReview - Pyramid, mummy, lucy, king Tut, catal huyak,...

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Exam: Term IDs (bullet points, date, nationality, why important) Name of site, put date, info about site DATE ON ALL QUESTIONS THE MORE SPECIFIC THE BETTER, PLACE ALSO VERY IMPORTANT Put down generic time period (bronze age, Neolithic, etc) if can’t remember the exact date o Multiple choice o Fill in the blank o Short Answer Plastered skulls at Jericho- discuss Possible essay questions Discuss o Put up pictures and identify them
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Unformatted text preview: Pyramid, mummy, lucy, king Tut, catal huyak, icon representations o Put up most things that are important Go back through powerpoints, if we havent gone through the slide, dont worry about it Can use things from the book or from class Talked about in lecture and in the book, most likely going to be on the exam o Lecture and not in book, probably on exam o Book and not lecture, might be on the exam...
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