Unprovenanced Objects

Unprovenanced Objects - o 1979/1984 o Taken off display in...

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Unprovenanced Objects Accidental discoveries happen all the time and we need to make use of them when they do Rosetta Stone Dead Sea Scrolls o Accidental discovery, then half looting half excavation But encouraging the publication of objects bought on the art market creates two potential problems: Looting, because of high prices o Sipan: Looted, then archaeology, then looted again o Also Umma in Iraq Fakes, because looting doesn’t provide enough o Getty Kouros: Fake or 530 BCE statue? o Cycladic figurines o Gill and Chippindale Colin Renfrew Ivory Pomegranate o Contained inscription mentioning YhWh and the first temple o Eventually purchased by the Israel Museum for $550,000
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Unformatted text preview: o 1979/1984 o Taken off display in 2004 b/c: Been on black antiquities market Fake o Very easy now to forge this o James Ossuary, Burial Box of James o Andre Lemaire- authenticated both by writing books about them Said he added descriptions • Anybody shows interest, someone wants to go find more • Objects belong in own country: o But what if country to unstable to support artifacts? o National Museum in Baghdad looting • Should archaeologists publish articles that advertised something for sale on the art market? o If belonging to archaeological society can’t publish in magazines that advertise artifacts • Major dilemma o No right answer •...
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Unprovenanced Objects - o 1979/1984 o Taken off display in...

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