UR - Under queen’s coffin hole with tunnel that led to...

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Biblical Archaeology UR Sumerians First civilized people in region Zigguarats o One in every major city, rose up in series of steps Ziggurat at Babylon o Tower of Babylon o Hanging gardens of babylon Death Pits of Ur 2550 BC excavated by sir Lenard wolley Some regular, some royal In royal, a few massive ones King o Buried in room at bottom of pit o Backed down oxen with carts loaded with possession o Took all the servants with him Thought they would walk down, drink something, and all die Cover them over with dirt, continue processes until the entire pit was filled up 76 people buried in the pit reanalyzed skeletons, probably didn’t drink anything, now think that whether or not they drank anything, someone punctured their brain and they all died Queen- Pu-abi o More objects in her grave than king’s o His grave had been robbed, but not disturbed from the top
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Unformatted text preview: Under queen’s coffin, hole with tunnel that led to king’s tombs, looted king’s tomb and moved queen’s coffin over hole o People sacrificed for queen also o Had gold and blue stuff from Afghanistan, very expensive and only used by royalty • Things found in grave: o Ram in a Thicket from Ur o Royal harp – technically disintegrated, poured in plaster, able to recreate it o Bull o Gold Dagger (useless, gold doesn’t keep a sharp edge) o Golden helmet (also useless, won’t stop anything) o Royal Standard of Ur One of most famous objects in mesopotamia No idea what it was used for Think it’s some sort of battle and aftermath, giving things to king, bringing spoils of war? Banquet celebration Know Ur fought all the cities around it o All where found in kings tomb • Only two of royal tombs, actually 10-12...
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UR - Under queen’s coffin hole with tunnel that led to...

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