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Site Surveys - • Intensive survey- a systematic, detailed...

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Site Surveys Find archaeological sites: Ground reconnaissance- site discovery conducted at ground level Aerial reconnaissance- site discovery conducted from the air or from space o Remote sensing Can do both within the same sites Types of Surveys Reconnaissance survey- preliminary examination of a survey area to identify major sites to assess potential, and to establish tentative site distributions o Pylos regional archaeological project 1992 o Survey lineup- 15 m apart o Look at the ground, click your clicker whenever you see a piece of pottery, blade, anything that looks like an artifact o Stop and record numbers every 5/10 meters o Make sure you know where you are o Found many ranging sites o Find sites your interested in, send out “super team” to go back over sites with intensive survey, picked up all the sherds o Have to come back during different seasons, find different amounts based upon time of the year o End of each week, present survey results
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Unformatted text preview: • Intensive survey- a systematic, detailed field survey that covers an entire area; may include subsurface testing (digging) • Scraping technique to reveal city plan (need permission) o Time o Money o Not usually used on walking survey • Periscope o Ground survey using remote sensing technique o Camera, push down into earth/tomb o Used as digging tool, able to film what’s inside, has self-sealing adhesive to seal tomb before and after moved in to avoid losing artifacts Types of Sampling (intensive survey) • Survey sample and extrapolate data • Need to be really careful to make sure you do the right sampling o Simple random Totally random Most dangerous o Stratified random Random, but in lines o Systematic Not random, gridlines o Stratified unaligned systematic Systematic, but not aligned • Don’t need to worry about this if the site is small enough...
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Site Surveys - • Intensive survey- a systematic, detailed...

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