Trojan War

Trojan War - • completely messed everything up •...

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Trojan War Homer was around 750 BC Trojan War 1250 BC How can tale be accurate? Homer might not be real, machines say Iliad and Odyssey written by two different people Paris = Alexander Helen either: kidnapped taken willingly 1167 Ships left Troy, Husband talks to agememnon War lasts 10 years kill everyone, takes Helen home Mycenians win Fake Trojan horse at Troy Nine troys one on top of the other Heinrich Schliemann Calvert and Schliemann worked together Calvert left out of story til 1990 Put a huge trench through middle of the site straight down before pottery seriation and Kenyon wheeler method Schliemann went too deep to early bronze age, earlier than Troy dug through Troy and threw out what he wanted told work men to have the day off Schliemann excavated gold by himself kept finds from full year combined them into one treasure
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Unformatted text preview: • completely messed everything up • smuggled it illegally out of turkey, dressed his wife up Treasure given to Germany for Ph. D. • treasure disappeared after WWII • The Russians had it- Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg Who owns it? • Turkey • Greece • Germany • Russia Schliemann’s architect thinks Troy 6 is Homer’s Troy Huge textile industry at troy Carl Blegan • From Cincinatti • argued that the Troy was Troy 7 Did incorrect remote sensing only been touching top part, much remains to be excavated goes back to bronze age whole city waiting to be excavated been excavating lower city last 10 years found arrowheads, bones, unburied in streets in lower troy Hard discernible differences in lower cities of Troy Frank Kolb • believes Troy is not Troy not digging in the right place...
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Trojan War - • completely messed everything up •...

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