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Preserved Ancient Bodies

Preserved Ancient Bodies - had it melt faster ice was gone...

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Preserved Ancient Bodies Tollund Man Denmark ca 4 th century BC discovered in 1950 by 2 men cutting peat in bog analyzed contents of stomach Lindow Man England AD 50-100 discovered in 1984 o had been murdered peat gets rid of bones, not skin Sutton Hoo Ship found 1939 dates from 620-650 AD saxon royal burial or a cenotaph actual ship gone, ground looks like a ship all you have left: o raised ribs, remanents of stains in the dirt o going other way, rows of iron nails Lots of stuff found in there: o No body o Rectangle in middle might be a coffin, could have disappeared along with body from acidic soil o FOUND: golden shoulder clasps solid gold belt buckle purse lid drinking horn helmet o the most famous type of burial like this in England Otzi The Iceman Found 1991 found by 2 hikers in the Alps 10000ft up found because of sand storm in Sahara that landed in the glacier,
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Unformatted text preview: had it melt faster, ice was gone • first excavation used ski poles o thought was recent murder victim o lost some bones/broke some bones because of bad excavations o let the body thaw out o • 120 pounds • 5’2’’ – 5’4’’ • ancient murder victim, arrowhead in collarbone • died 900 years before pyramids where built • perfectly preserved • shoes, belt, trousers, shirt o also has pouches with herbs and arrowheads o tattoos • 2000 BC When things like this are found: • Tourist trade cashes in: o Ice cream o wine o chocolate What would you do to excavate iceman • Biological anthropologist • Horizontal/vertical excavation o Need context o Guy and equipment • Geologist • Glacial spet • Special environment in which your excavating • Cut out the entire section of ice...
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Preserved Ancient Bodies - had it melt faster ice was gone...

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