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Prehistoric Archaeology

Prehistoric Archaeology - Prehistoric Archaeology Mary...

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Prehistoric Archaeology Mary Leakey o 1931 started looking for early hominid remains o Didn’t find anything substantial until 1939 o Name synonymous with studies of human evolution o 1976 started looking in laetoli *area dated between 3.5 milion years ago, volcano blew up in area in 3.6 mya, volcano spewed ash, three individuals footprints found, could measure footprints, going about 70 feet, from side/depth/stride, 2 were 4 foot 8, 1 was 4 foot Donald Johansen 1974, at Hadar in Ethiopia, found skeleton 40% complete, found Lucy , just under 3 million years old, woman, about 20 years old. o Most intact, earliest skeleton of human we have Near East/Middle East (same place) Catal Hoyuk Southeastern Turkey Excavated by James Mellaart in 50s and 60s Head of british institute in Ankorra o Got caught up in dorack affair o Met woman on train who had jewelry from looted tomb o Charged with smuggling antiquities saying he did it(met the woman), others say he had mental breakdown
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