JERICHO - o Also important for burials Could have: Put...

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JERICHO Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Oasis o Water runs there all year round o Famous for its dates Kathleen Kenyon (1906-1978) o Came in 30s o British o Kenyon-Wheeler digging system, used at Jericho o Came for biblical question Another archaeologist saying he found Joshua and Battle of Jericho Was off because of pottery not lining up Went to investigate herself Dig and record everything because you never know what is going to be important o Kept record of bronze age (original plan), and Neolithic stuff that ended up being more important o Found objects dating back to 7500 BCE o Jericho Tower (earliest ever found) Much more than a tower In dirt found in tower, found domestication of grain, where they kept their wheat once they harvested it o Earliest walled city we know of
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Unformatted text preview: o Also important for burials Could have: Put bodies outside like Catal Hoyuk, tossed them into tomb Open tomb back up when another family member dies and older skeleton gets shoved to back Some skeletons in right place probably only had tomb opened once Stuck cowrie shells in eyes o Why keeping plastered skulls? Well probably never concretely know Romans big on ancestor worship (sidenote) Could be for: Religion (ancestor worship) Art Mental preparation for death Trophy (pow thing) Have done any facial reconstruction? Not yet Memory of person who died Still doing things like this (for art) o All during Neolithic period Wild to agriculture domestic...
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JERICHO - o Also important for burials Could have: Put...

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