Masada - o Roman camps still exist in desert down below •...

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Masada By the Dead Sea Large rock rising out of desert Joe Sefis??? Tells about story of what happened at Mesada Take cable car or path to top In 40 BC fortified by Herod the Great o Left mother and wife up there with 800 soldiers before going to Rome Built ramp, other stuff two palaces up top archaeologists have excavated buildings well decorated Herod never actually lived there only occupied for three years o Romans came and everyone died o everything they had for those three years stayed there Romans surrounded Masada, no one went in or out o When Romans broke through, still had food, not much left tho
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Unformatted text preview: o Roman camps still exist in desert down below • Assumed all 900ish people had committed suicide, only like 3 lived o Crazy person told all men to kill their wife and kids, all men killed each other o do we believe josefis? o Or, the Romans committed genocide No Roman records Josefis is back in Rome, not at Masada Don't know what happened need to go back and dig some more But, Nadine did total archaeology, almost nothing left at top one of the most famous sites in Israel So You Want to Be an Archaeologist? • Passion, may work out •...
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