Interesting Archaeological Sites

Interesting Archaeological Sites - Interesting...

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Interesting Archaeological Sites Xi’an Site and Mausoleum of the First Emperor Qin 210 BCE Terracotta Army Pit 1 Emperor going to afterworld- determined to take everything with him Didn’t take people with him (like Ur) All statues different, types of features on statues represents same percentages of today’s Chinese people Lots of people in different positions, many probably holding things that are long gone Before beginning excavations, figured out techniques to stabilize paint immediately to keep it safe…. Paint on first ones excavated was ruined Also have horses, harnessed to chariots or being led toward them, or soldiers with their own horse Also had 2 nd pit and 3 rd pit Pit 3: o Weird naked figurines with no arms o Awaiting to open other masoleum o Map with rivers of running mercury(thought to be) Nazca Lines 200 BC-AD 600 Called “riddles in the sand”, the famous Nazca lines are giant ground drawings etched across 30 miles of gravel-covered desert
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Interesting Archaeological Sites - Interesting...

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