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History of Archaeology Theory

History of Archaeology Theory - Charles Townley’s Gallery...

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History of Archaeology Theory Bishop Usher Said he figured out when the world was created October 23 rd , 4004 BC Knew nothing besides the Bible, nowhere close to beginning, but first man in modern times to try to figure it out Hesiod One of earliest Greek authors, 700 BC Makes reference to earlier time periods, golden, silver, bronze (3000-1000 BC) age o Bronze invented 3000 BC (copper 90% and tin or arsenic 10% combined to create Bronze) Aztecs Also knew people were there before them, would excavate Nabonidus Neo-Babylonian King, loses to the Persians in 538 BC Antiquities collector Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius Start of modern Archaeology Vesuvius blew up in 79 AD and buries Pompeii and Herculaneum 1750- European nobles start excavating in this area, building tunnels and taking statues they found back to England, France, etc. People looking for statue started trend, people had galleries and curiosity cabinets
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Unformatted text preview: Charles Townley’s Gallery ca. 1800 • Origins of museums, would donate collections and start museums Thomas Jefferson • Also an archaeologist • Excavated a mound on his property, could do stratigraphy, starting at top layer and going further down *archaeology steals from the other disciplines with no problem • Ex: James Hutton- Theory of the Earth, Charles Lyell- lower down comes from earlier time period, Jacques Boucher de Perthes, Charles Darwin- The Origin of Species • CJ Thomsen- Created Three Age System o Stone Age (Now split into old(Paleolithic)and new(Neolithic) stone age o Bronze Age (now early, middle, late bronze age and majorly subdivided as much as you want) o Iron Age • Jean-Francois Champollion History of Archaeology Theory o Desciphered Rosetta Stone (Greek, Dematic, Hieroglyphics) o Found by Napoleon in 1799 • Austen Henry Laynard o Nineveh Sculptures to the British Museum...
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History of Archaeology Theory - Charles Townley’s Gallery...

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