Detailed Electron Transport Chain

Detailed Electron Transport Chain - 34 ADP goes into the...

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Detailed Electron Transport Chain (Also known as Detailed Light Dependent Reaction ) I) 10 NADH forms 10 NAD. H + and Q comes out. II) 2 FADH 2 forms 2 FAD Q comes out. III)Q comes in and H + goes out. A carbon atom gets sent to IV IV)O 2 forms H 2 O. H + comes out. Finally, it gets to the ATP Synthase which acts as the finals acceptor of electrons.
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Unformatted text preview: 34 ADP goes into the ATP Synthase to form 34 ATP. Excess H + in the outer compartment is called the Proton Gradient or Proton Motive Force “PMF” How ATP is formed Each NADH can produce 3 ATP. 10 NADH = 30 ATP Each FADH 2 can produce 2 ATP. 2 FADH 2 = 4 ATP...
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