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Hum 106 Wk 9 Summaries - Nicole Barbour Humanities 106...

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Nicole Barbour Humanities 106 Source Summary #1 5.) A. The research option I have chosen to focus on is antiracism as a political practice. I will explore what can be learned from doing this research and the roles of allies in social movements. The Truth behind Politics For many decades our country has dealt with the issue of slavery and equal rights for all races. Christopher Hitchens examines how political leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln, have influenced our society to move towards anti-racist behaviors in his article “The Man Who Made Us Whole: Lincoln, himself, was paradoxical-as is the way we see him now. To really know the 16 th president, look past the ways in which we remember him.” The journey for African Americans to have rights and the same freedoms as others has been a long and rough road. Antiracism has been a large part in the foundation of our nation and has played a major role in the history of the United States. Abraham Lincoln has seen acknowledged as being a president that was for the equality of all citizens of the United States. Although Lincoln was one of the presidents that did take steps in freeing slaves, Hitchens asserts that “[t]he man who defended slavery and the man who initiated its final abolition were one and the same”. The Emancipation Proclamation that was declared by President Lincoln was recognized as having been a political action that gave freedom to slaves. However, it has been acknowledged that Lincoln had ulterior motives for trying to free the slaves within certain states. The proclamation undeniably aided in granting African Americans the rights and freedoms that they deserve, but it is important to note that these did not occur all at
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once. It took many years after Lincoln’s declaration to actually give freedom to slaves that were in the designated states. It is significant to examine the reasons behind why political leaders choose to put forth the practices that they do. Although Lincoln did fight against antiracism with his Emancipation Proclamation, it has been stated that this address was put off until it was felt that it was one of the last efforts Lincoln could do in order to strengthen the Union. To some people the proclamation has been considered as not being as thoughtfully put together as his other addresses
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Hum 106 Wk 9 Summaries - Nicole Barbour Humanities 106...

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