Hum 106 Wk 9 - Week 9 Week 9 Review First let me say thank...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 9 Week 9 Review First, let me say thank you for the developing discussions over the past eight weeks. Your testimonies and analysis have grown, and as many of you have attested to learning much, I too have learned much. Second, as we've seen from the learning displayed in the processing of course materials, there has been growth both in knowledge, in grounding and incorporating that knowledge, and in meeting challenges. I commend you. I also appreciate that this process is ongoing and that challenges arise at times throughout that process. It can be helpful at times to review goals, including syllabi, assignments, and items such as the Discussion Board criteria, for a kind of "starting anew." For instance, critical discussion involves more than stating opinions; it involves grounding those opinions in relevant concrete evidence and reasoning. Critical argument also involves more than just stating an opinion of agreement or disagreement; it too involves grounding that opinion in relevant, concrete evidence and reasoning. Certainly, we can appreciate that this takes time. Just as certainly I have appreciated and learned so much from engaging in our discussions when this time is taken, which it has particularly well this quarter! In my experience as both a student and an instructor (roles that are often interchangeable), I've also come to appreciate that come about midterm, and the time following, all of us face the increasing strain of the institutional structure of academia, what with midterms and finals on top of all the other daily study. I'm sure we all empathize and even share that strain. Although I haven't noticed much of this during this present quarter, if you are feeling the need for sharing such, I ask that you address these challenges either by e-mailing me or by posing a question regarding your challenge in the Questions for Instructor forum of the Discussion Board rather than in the weekly topic forums. The Student Lounge forum can be helpful with this as well. Again, thank you. Week 9 Overview I want to say that I have been especially moved in reading your postings and responses on Caring and in reading your journals. For the next two weeks, which are the last two weeks (wow! the time has passed so quickly!) of Humanities 106--Ethnic Thought and Culture, we will be focusing on applying what we've studied in the previous four units to doing research on various topics that I have described in the Week 9 Assignments. As I've shaped the research options, I have worked to keep them broad enough to allow various individual focusing...
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Hum 106 Wk 9 - Week 9 Week 9 Review First let me say thank...

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