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Hum 106 Wk 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3

Hum 106 Wk 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 - Nicole Barbour...

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Nicole Barbour Humanities 106 8.1 Everyday Life Day After Day Occurrences For many years people have had to deal with discrimination as a result of their race, class, or gender. These incidences may be demonstrated through various vocabularies or terminology as well as the behaviors that people take. In society there are certain words and actions that occur that reinforces these prejudices and continuously aid in singling out individuals. In certain essays from Part IX the discussion of how these have affected people and the consequences of this discrimination is addressed. The significance of these articles is to get across the importance of not just acknowledging that these social problems exist but then doing something to put an end to them. In “A New Vision of Masculinity,” by Cooper Thompson, the description of what it means to be masculine in today’s society and the repercussions that may occur as result of this is examined. Thompson uses an incident that has happened to explain the word “fag” and the impact it has played in the lives of men. Males within society have put a major emphasis on the importance of maintaining their manhood where “the most humiliating put-down was being called a “‘fag”’ (Thompson 718). There is this label that men must keep this portrayal of a masculine man who is not just physically strong but emotionally as well. However, it is important to recognize that this “is a very limited definition of strength, one based on dominance and control and acquired through the humiliation and degradation of others” (Thompson 718). Men often times feel that is necessary to fight against being called a “fag” because they have to
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remain in power over homosexuals or women. There is this stereotype that men have to remain dominant over gay men and women because if they don’t they might themselves be seen as less than a stereotypical definition of what a man should be. Michael Bronski demonstrates what it is like being a homosexual in society and the experiences that people have to go through because they are different in “Confronting Anti-Gay Violence”. Bronski helps to reveal his main point by writing about a time where him and his lover were holding hands and walking down the street. It was seemingly normal until “a group of young teens sitting on a front stoop across the street…yelled “‘faggot”’ (738). The point Bronski was trying to make is that discrimination against homosexuals occurs every day in our society. He recognizes this by stating, “Gay men and lesbians have always been aware of anti-gay violence. It becomes a way of life, just as it is for many people of color in America and for women” (Bronski 738). This is related to the readers because it is undeniably and unavoidably part of our society. It has been acknowledged that “[o]ne of the main problems in fighting anti- gay prejudice is that the specter of homosexuality is everywhere, implicating anyone who counters the sentiment” (Bronski 740). It is not enough for society to just not partake in the
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Hum 106 Wk 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 - Nicole Barbour...

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