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Hum 106 Wk 2.1 - Nicole Barbour 2.1 Observation of the...

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Nicole Barbour 10/1/09 2.1 Observation of the neighborhood As I stand on my wooden porch I strain my eyes to see down our driveway to the gravel road. I suppose it has to do with living in the country that your driveway is often times long and your neighbors live far away. I hear in the distance kids riding their bikes and dogs barking. As I walk upon the road, the crunch of the gravel catches my attention while a burst of fall wind blows in my face and I am surrounded by the smell of open country air and freshly cut grass. The assortment of houses that are visible from the road are similar in architecture to my own which might have to do with the fact that they were mostly built in the 1970’s. The uniqueness that is brought to each of them is done by the landscaping and design of the homes. I noticed this one particular house has a very close resemblance to a barn and would look even more so if it were red instead of blue. While walking I pasted by the pump house that my mother would say my brother and I could ride our bikes to but told us not to even go a foot past. It is old now and is all
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