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Hum 106 Wk 1.2

Hum 106 Wk 1.2 - step through the door you immediately...

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Nicole Barbour 9/25/09 Observing Art at Home The home that I live in was built in the 1970’s and is a common type of house in my neighborhood. It is a single story ranch-style house with brown shutters on the windows. My driveway is outlined with flowers that bloom beautifully in spring. As you approach my home you walk upon the cement pathway up to the wood porch that my grandpa had built sixteen years ago. When you approach the door and step on the rectangular welcome mat you see a metal door knocker complete with my families last name engraved on it. Once the front door is opened there is a simple floor plan and given that I live in the country, we have a rustic type of décor. Leading off from the kitchen is an old sliding glass door, which guides you to the back porch. Although the house that I live in has architectural elements that make it undeniably from the 1970’s, it is the features within my house that make it unique and comforting. As soon as you
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Unformatted text preview: step through the door you immediately smell the country apple candle that is placed on the candle warmer. Your eyes then focus on an elaborate collection of family photos ranging from my first pony ride, to my older brother’s high school graduation, to pictures of our family trip to Disneyland. Religious artworks with scriptural verses on them are also apparent in our home. These two elements play a vital role in our lives and are of noticeable importance to us. In the background I can hear the wind coming through the open window and blowing the green floor length curtains as well as the crunch of the gravel on the road as a car drives by. The structural design, choice of furniture, and various artwork found in my home represent simplicity and comfort and contribute to making these four walls and roof not just a house but a home....
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Hum 106 Wk 1.2 - step through the door you immediately...

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