Hum 106 10.1,10.2,10.3

Hum 106 10.1,10.2,10.3 - Nicole Barbour Humanities 106 10.1...

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Nicole Barbour Humanities 106 10.1 Story Hook To Capture Interest Since our nation was founded racism has been an issue that has impacted and affected many people’s lives. Often times the influence that discrimination has on people ends in harmful and damaging outcomes. People frequently feel inferior and not good enough, which is the opposite of what this country was originally formed upon. We are all equal and no matter what skin color someone may have, they should be treated fairly. While reviewing the topics for the research essay I became increasingly interested in the issue of antiracism as a political practice. It appears that much of the time we focus on the negative and how hurtful racism can be. I thought that it would be fascinating to see the trials people went through in order to fight for the equality of everyone. There were many movements, protests, sit-ins, and marches that aided in battling against discrimination and because I was not alive when many of these occurred, the best way to learn about them is by researching these events. People joined together and stood up against much prejudice and violence to ensure that each person was treated fairly and had equal opportunity. Although I was initially drawn to this topic because it appeared to be interesting, I was mostly hooked by the many experiences that I have witnessed that deal with the discrimination of others. In my everyday life I encounter people who make comments or remarks that are racist and distasteful. Although statements are the most common form of discrimination that I come across, there are rare times that I have witnessed acts of violence done purely because the color
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of a person’s skin. I remember a time when I witnessed a group of immature men who were yelling derogatory remarks towards a man who looked around the same age. These boys circled and began harassing this innocent person all because of the color of his skin. The racist comments soon escalated into violence against this young man and given that it had taken place at school, it had to be broken up by the faculty. This event made me realize how much discrimination does still exist within society and how much of an influence it has on people. To see the horrified look on the young man’s face was heartbreaking and made the need to fight against racism even more of a prominent issue. This was an unnecessary racist act that was done and helped to make me interested in researching the actions that have taken place to fight against the prejudice of people. Politics have played a major role in how racism has progressed in our society. All throughout history there have been actions taken and movements done that have fought against the racism of people. Although these have been beneficial, it is important to note how these antiracists practices might have been put forth with ulterior motives. Many people did take part
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Hum 106 10.1,10.2,10.3 - Nicole Barbour Humanities 106 10.1...

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