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Nicole Barbour Hist. 126 Week #7 Rebecca Leber-Gottberg 8/6/09 The Crusades The crusades took place as an armed reaction made in the attempt to help free the Holy Land from the rule of Islam. Crusades have been acknowledged as a political performance or acts of religious loyalty and dedication in the East and a societal movement in the Western regions. However, there is hardly any support of having an influential affect on politics or religion and to some, the crusades might have even been “costly failures” (Chambers 238). The crusades began around 1095 and were originally designed to take the city of Jerusalem that had been occupied by the Muslims. Although they may not have had lasting impacts, they were a series of years that resulted in change. The crusades have been seen as an expedition that “stimulated trade, encouraged the growth of towns, and contributed to the establishment of a stable political order in the west” (Chambers 238). However, in more recent years, the crusades have been recognized as having “failed to achieve the permanent control of the Holy Land” (“Crusades”). There was some success of the military but it was not victorious in instituting a lasting effect on the citizens. The government during that period of time was centered on feudalism, which was “an economic, political, and social organization of medieval Europe” where “land was held by vassals from more powerful overlords in exchange for military and other service” (Chambers 238). The crusades did weaken feudalism; however, some of the effects were only temporary. The
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innovative techniques used did help religious aspects but they did not last long-term. The crusades did impact the culture and lives of citizens although they could not seem to
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Hist 126 Wk 7 - Nicole Barbour Hist. 126 Week #7 Rebecca...

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