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Nicole Barbour Hist. 126 Essay Wk#3 Rebecca Leber-Gottberg 7/10/09 The Reasons and Results of the Peloponnesian War In 5 th century BC, ancient Greece was made up of several separate city-states. The two bitter rivals of this area were that of the large civilization of Athens and the smaller yet fierce society of Sparta. By 431 BC tensions between the two had risen to the extent that the Peloponnesian War had begun. The next twenty-seven years were full of victories, loses, and peace agreements between the Peloponnesian League headed by Sparta and that of the Athenian people. Sparta, the more militaristic of the two, was ultimately the victor at the end of the war in 404BC; however, it is the reasons why the civilization won and the results of the victory that is of much interest. There were many underlying factors for why the Peloponnesian War occurred. However, Thucydides, who was a historian of ancient Greece, proclaims that the main “cause of the war was the “‘fear of the growth of the power of Athens’” throughout the middle of the 5th century BC” (Causes of War). The civilization of Sparta had a skillfully trained military which was a definite advantage over the more artistic Athenians. Spartan men were taught to fight and protect their society, were educated in the art of combat for most of their lives, and had to be ready for war at all times. This dedication to the defense of their civilization is a factor to why they were so successful in the war against Athens. The Spartans and their allies also ruined the harvest of Athens to try and cut of their resources for food, which would then weaken their opponent.
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Sparta began to win battles and take control of land that surrounded the civilization of Athens. These militaristic tactics aided Sparta in not only the defense but also the triumph over the
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Hist 126 Wk 3 - Nicole Barbour Hist. 126 Essay Wk#3 Rebecca...

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