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Nicole Barbour Hist. 126 Essay #2 Rebecca Leber-Gottberg 7/3/09 Lifestyles of Athens and Sparta Two of the most powerful and well-known civilizations of ancient Greece were that of Sparta and Athens. Although these societies were relatively close in location, their environment and political natures were quite different. The vast contrast of Athens and Sparta created a variation in the lifestyles of their citizens. The reasons for the distinction between the two are centered on their own political and militaristic point of views. The power that each culture had developed both into strong and structured societies. The civilization of Athens was a powerful democracy and one of the largest city-states by 432 BC. The government was one “ruled by the people” and included an Athenian judicial system. Athenians knew the importance of education even during that period of time. Since education was such a significant part of Athenian life, the people of Athens were more literate than those of Sparta. The people had cultural advancements with regards to art, mathematics, and science making Athens home to well-known philosophers such as Socrates (469-399 BC) and Plato (427-347 BC). The military played a role in the government and politics of Athens and helped form their society. It was required of male citizens in Athens to serve two years in the military at the age of eighteen. After those two years the men were supposed to be ready to go to war at any time. The civilization was a leader of the Delian League, had a well-built navy, and was a major force by sea. The lifestyle of the citizens was influenced by the navy but also by the
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ability to gain an education. The military took part in the lives of men but was not the primary focus. The Spartans had a smaller population than Athens; however, they were still a powerful civilization. Sparta had a stable government and unlike Athens, it was an Oligarchy or only “ruled by the few”. Sparta had an education system although the central focus of it was on the training and development of soldiers. Citizens or men of Sparta had to be actively involved in the
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Hist 126 Wk 2 - Nicole Barbour Hist. 126 Essay #2 Rebecca...

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