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Nicole Barbour I looked at the website that you had a link for and I too was impressed with the quality of artwork they produced! A couple other websites gave the impression that the primary subjects of the paintings were animals. There were quite a few that showed bison which could be in part to using the animal for its meat and fur. I noticed that there were three caves that I thought had many good examples of Paleolithic Art paintings. The three caves were the Lascaux, in southwestern France; the Chauvet, that you
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Unformatted text preview: mentioned, in southern France; and the Altamira, in northern Spain. I also think that these animals played a major role in the lives of people during that time period, which resulted in numerous paintings that were relatively similar to one another. Here is a site that I thought had some pretty interesting paintings from the Chauvet Cave. http:// www.bradshawfoundation.com /chauvet/...
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