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Hist 126 Wk 1 Discussion Q's

Hist 126 Wk 1 Discussion Q's - Egyptian civilization was...

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Nicole Barbour Hist. 126 Discussion Question 3 Rebecca Leber-Gottberg 6/22/09 The geography of a civilization is influential and has played a major role in the history and structure of societies. In both of the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations they undoubtedly had similarities but like with everything they also portrayed differences. The Sumer civilization developed along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which brought fertile and prosperous soil. The floods, although bringing sediment to help with cultivation, also brought destruction of lives and washed way homes and crops. The territory was developed around the rivers and because of the certain geography that it had the Sumerians were able to develop larger, advanced and self- reliant cities. The Egyptians, unlike the Sumerians and other civilizations, had stability and power. The
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Unformatted text preview: Egyptian civilization was developed near a river like the Sumerians; however, it was the Nile River. Like with the Sumerians, when it would flood it would leave rich and productive soil. However, instead of the floods ruining houses and harvest it would protect the people from hunger. The Egyptians had to be near the river too but this made them separated from other people and civilizations. With the geography of these people came tribulations as well as successes for each of their societies. The natural features of the land surrounding these civilizations had greatly influenced their history and development. Works Cited Chambers, Mortimer, et al. The Western Experience . Vol. A: Antiquity and the Middle Ages. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007....
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