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Phil 101 Wk 9 Dis - Nicole Barbour 3/6/10 Open Boat After...

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Nicole Barbour 3/6/10 Open Boat After revisiting my answer to who I would save and put into the lifeboat, it appears that my answer would, for the most part, fall into the egoism category. My answer to the question was that I would look to see if I had any family or friends still in the water, and if I had I would pick them to save first. This could be looked upon as ethical egoism because my decision was based off of my own personal benefit and not rationally thinking about who would be the smartest people to pull from the water. It was out of my own self-interest that I would pick my relatives or friends first rather than any other types of people. The second half of my answer could be seen as being Kantian deontology because I was answering out of moral duty as my main reason. The second part of my answer was that if there was anyone else left, I would choose to save women and children first. This action could be seen as being based on moral reasoning, which would be a Kantian’s choice. Although my whole answer was not Kantian, there did appear to be a glimpse of it in my answer. If I were to completely answer as a Kantian I would base my answer for who I would save completely off of what is morally right. I would probably save any children first and then move on to women because I would feel that it is my duty and responsibility to save the life of a child first and then the mother of the child. This decision would be formed on the reason behind it and how children have their whole lives ahead of them and given this motive, I would pull them out of the water first. My choice would not be done out of pity or the chance of being rewarded for this decision, but because it would be the morally right thing to do. I feel that whether this would have a negative outcome or not, it would be the right pick because it is
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correct based on duty, responsibility, and reasoning. It is interesting to see the different types of responses that people had for who they would
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Phil 101 Wk 9 Dis - Nicole Barbour 3/6/10 Open Boat After...

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