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Phil 101 Wk 7 Dis - Nicole Barbour 2/21/10 The Ring of...

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Unformatted text preview: Nicole Barbour 2/21/10 The Ring of Gyges To have a magic ring would ultimately put someone at an advantage, but would it actually be to someones benefit to put it to use. Although there would be times that the ring could be put to good use, it is assumed by the readings that it would only be used for each individuals personal gain. If I was able to insure that I could only use the magical ring for the good and benefit of others than I would go ahead and use it. However, like with anything else that can improve your own life or be used selfishly, these seemingly helpful things can be turned into something negative and have harmful effects. It is suggested that every person would have a hard time turning down such a great gift such as the magical ring, but for me I would choose not to have the ring. I wouldnt even want the chance or opportunity to have the ring because although now I would say that I wouldnt use it to purely benefit myself, when the opportunity presented itself, who knows what decisions would be made. If I was given the ring I would probably throw it in the ocean or some type of deep water because then it would ensure that I couldnt go back and use it. Also if it was at the bottom of the ocean it would be less likely that others would find it and be able to use if for selfish or destructive reasons as well. It appears that when things like the magical ring are initially used, they are with the purpose of doing good. However, overtime people have insinuated that the intentions of others generally change only to benefit themselves, which to avoid this completely, I would choose to not obtain the ring. I would agree with you that I wouldnt want the ring either. Although my initial intentions would be to do good with it, after a while those seemingly helpful and pure objectives might turn to only benefiting me. It is true that even using the ring once would only produce harmful affects because you would get a taste of all the power you could have, which then increases the likelihood of doing negative things with it. I can relate to you because even when I dont do something wrong I feel quilt for things because I dont like the decision I made. Some people might be able to live with how they might use the ring whether it be selfishly or not; however, for me it would just be easier to avoid the situation entirely and choose not to obtain the ring. After reading the story about the ring, it was my initial thought that I could do good with it and avoid just purely benefiting myself. However, the more I thought about it the more I realized that with such great power it would be hard to not use it for my own gain. I think you made a good point about how someone can use it in a way that would be similar to that of Robin Hood, but I agree that it might be hard for anyone to not at least be tempted to benefit from the powers that the ring has. It is like the old saying goes, with much power comes much responsibility, and it is unknown whether anyone can truly have such power and not use it irresponsibly. irresponsibly....
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Phil 101 Wk 7 Dis - Nicole Barbour 2/21/10 The Ring of...

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