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Phil 101 Wk 6 Discussion - Nicole Barbour Morally Right or...

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Nicole Barbour 2/13/10 Morally Right or Wrong Where a person comes from can often determine what type of lifestyle they lead. The morals that people grow up with can frequently be established by the culture they live in. The rules and guidelines that one lives within their homes as well as in their society is telling to what they deem right and wrong. Even in your own community you might find those that differ in your moral standpoints whether it is through your religious views or just opinions or beliefs in general. Within differing cultures there are often viewpoints on what morally right and wrong that can be similar; however, there are times when cultures disagree on topics of what is correct and what is incorrect. When people go outside of their own culture and experience the type of lifestyles others live and the type of culture they have, people are able to be aware of and become more knowledgeable of different beliefs. When one encounters cultures that differ in beliefs of what is morally right and wrong, it is important to remain understanding of their opinions. There are many countries where the rights or men and women are greatly different. In some cultures even the art of handshaking is looked at differently. In some places in the world men can shake other men’s hands but men do not shake women’s hand and women aren’t permitted to shake others hands. Not every culture or even person is going to have to same moral guidelines and although people might disagree with others, each person has the right to not be judged on what they believe. However, if a person comes across a custom in another culture that you deem morally wrong and goes against the rights that humans are given as well as their safety, than more attention should be paid to this. When people go to other cultures they are usually just getting a
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glimpse of what it is like to live there so it is sometimes difficult to fully comprehend the beliefs of others and how they choose to live their lives. Every person as well as culture is different and instead of placing judgments on those that differ from our own, we must be tolerant and accept
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Phil 101 Wk 6 Discussion - Nicole Barbour Morally Right or...

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