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Nicole Barbour 2/2/10 Rational Argument Each person has a different way in which they are convinced of something. Rational argument can be a way for someone to convince another to believe in the Western Christian God. People will be more convinced of something that is sensible and realistic over something that is unreasonable and irrational. There are many good rational arguments for the belief in the Western Christian God and St. Thomas Aquinas does a good job in creating a firm rational argument. St. Thomas creates his argument in a logical and understandable way by splitting his argument into five parts. By putting them into five different ways to explain the Western Christian God, people are able to identify the rational points that he is making. St. Thomas also demonstrates his argument in a way that is easy to read and comprehend, which makes his reasons more likely to be persuaded on because if you don’t clearly understand the points then it is not as probable that people will belief them. There will always be people who don’t believe rational arguments that others make because emotions do play a part in people’s beliefs and decision making. Although it is ultimately up to each individual if they are convinced about anything whether the topic be religion or something else, they are more persuaded to belief something that is rational over something that is illogical.
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You made a good point about how if someone can use rational argument to convince another of the Western Christian God, then a person could also use rational argument to persuade others of different religious beliefs. Rational argument can be more of an effective way of getting one’s beliefs across because a person is more likely to beliefs something that is logical over
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Phil 101 Wk 5 - Nicole Barbour Rational Argument Each...

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