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Phil 101 Wk 5 Dis - Nicole Barbour 2/10/10 The Problem of...

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Nicole Barbour 2/10/10 The Problem of Evil The Source of Suffering The idea of whether God actually exists has been up for debate for many years. Bruce Russell does make valid points for why he doesn’t believe in the existence of God. One of his main arguments is that if there was such an infinite, perfect, and forever-loving being, such as God, then why would he allow for so much suffering to occur. It would be hard to deny the fact that in the world today there isn’t a great deal of evil; however, it would be wrong to say that because there is suffering than God somehow does not exist. Russell gives many points for why it would seem logical that God isn’t real as well as some arguments for why people debate that there is such a being as God. Although Russell does give some reasons for the existence of God, he has left some out that should be addressed and considered. Russell makes the point that although there must be sorrow to have joy, it is unknown what the minimum or maximum amount of evil there has to be in order to have any good. He then goes on to ask the question of why there has to be so much pain and sorrow because if there was a God, wouldn’t he want us to be happy. Russell does cover the point that we are not all- knowing and in no place to judge. However, it must also be taken into consideration that with the joy people have, there must be despair because in order to know happiness you must experience sorrow. Some people might see this as an example of how God exists because in order for Heavenly Father to bring forth the righteousness of his people, he also allowed for wickedness.
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Phil 101 Wk 5 Dis - Nicole Barbour 2/10/10 The Problem of...

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