Phil 101 Wk 4 Assignments

Phil 101 Wk 4 Assignments - Nicole Barbour 1/26/10...

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Nicole Barbour 1/26/10 Descartes and the External World What We Can Know For Sure There are many things that are uncertain in this world and are questioned to be existence or not. Through Descartes philosophy there are three things that can be known for certain: that we are things that exist, that God is infinite and therefore exists, and that inherent thoughts are real. However, by knowing this, it then brings into question whether the world we are living in is what actually exists through our senses or if it is something entirely different. Taking into consideration that every person uses their own minds differently, how can it be known for certain whether the external world is different then what people already perceive it to be. Descartes ideas would suggest that the world each individual sees isn’t different than what really exists, but by assuming this, a person must also take into account that people might perceive the world differently. This goes back to the idea that we are individuals who think but cannot know or suppose that others think or identify with the same things that we do. We are born with innate ideas and with the thought that the world we see is the one that actually exists. If Descartes has acknowledged that the concepts that we are born with are true, then it would
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Phil 101 Wk 4 Assignments - Nicole Barbour 1/26/10...

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