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Position Paper Info - Biology 105C Writing Assignment 50...

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Biology 105C Writing Assignment 50 points Important Dates Draft Paper Due Date: Oct 23 rd Peer Review Due Date: Oct 30 th Final Due Date: Nov 6 th The Assignment I want you to write an opinion paper on a topic related to human heredity that interests you. I have included a list below of potential topics. If there is another topic that is of interest to you, you must get approval from the instructor BEFORE writing your paper . This assignment is designed in a way that will allow you to formulate (if you haven’t already) and support an opinion on what ever topic you choose. I also want you to examine the opposing view of your opinion and critically review it (i.e. Does the opposing view make sense based upon what you know? Do opposing arguments make sense and why or why not?). The important point here is that you SUPPORT your opinion based upon scientific evidence for your argument; the opinion is not necessarily the most important point. What you need in your paper The paper should contain: 1. a clear statement of your position with supporting evidence and; 2. a critical evaluation of the opposing view. The paper must be typewritten in 12 point font, double spaced and at least three pages in length (not including references). You will be graded on writing style, expression of ideas and evidence presented in support of your opinion. You will NOT be graded on your opinion! You must include references that support BOTH your opinion and provide critical evaluation of the opposing view. These may include internet references as long as they are from authoritative scientific sources (Wikipedia doesn’t count here but may be a good place to start for references). Any references that are used must be properly cited in the text and must appear in the reference list in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. All references must be in the proper format. A minimum of three references must be from scientific journals. An example of a properly cited reference within the text of the paper is as follows:
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Position Paper Info - Biology 105C Writing Assignment 50...

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