Phil 101 A religious argument

Phil 101 A religious argument - Nicole Barbour 1/11/10 A...

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Unformatted text preview: Nicole Barbour 1/11/10 A Religious Argument 1.) The conclusion of the entire argument is that although some people might live their lives in a way that is acceptable in heaven, there will be others that are not as pure and chaste. With this assumption, John Donnelly concludes that people only were able to inherit Heaven by their wholesomeness and purity. Thus when they act against this it would make sense that they would or could be evicted from Heaven. 2.) The premises that John Donnelly makes refer mostly to passages in the bible. However, there is one example that he makes that isnt referencing a scripture. Donnelly states the case of when a woman dies after her husband and she goes to Heaven expecting to meet up with him again. She learns that her husband either never made it to Heaven or was evicted. Donnelly suggests that this womans anger and resentment towards God would be reason enough to evict her from Heaven. The bible examples started when Donnelly mentions the story in Matthew 22:30 where there is a widow who was married seven times and it brings into question who she would actually be married to when she was in Heaven. Another example is in Matthew 22:14 where it is talking about a kings wedding feast and how the king invited people but they declined so he just made a general invitation. The people came but were not dressed appropriately so they were thrown out which suggests the notion of eviction. The next argument Donnelly makes is the parable of the ten virgins which is found in Matthew 25:1-13. Donnelly considers this to be an example of eviction because although five...
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Phil 101 A religious argument - Nicole Barbour 1/11/10 A...

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