Lab 11 - Experiment 11-1 (Parallax) Objective: To...

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Experiment 11-1 (Parallax) Objective : To demonstrate parallax. Results, Explanation, Conclusion : For this experiment I closed my left eye, held my index finger up at arm’s length in front of me and aligned it with some distant background object, while just using my right eye. Then, without moving my finger, I opened my left eye and closed my right eye. After that I brought my finger closer to my nose in two positions and repeated the experiment. When I close my left eye and opened the other, the position of my finger shifts. This occurs because when I would close one eye I would then lose my third dimensional view, which then limits my view. The astronomers call the apparent shift of the stars a stellar parallax. This shows the revolution of the Earth around the Sun because your view is going to be slightly shifted from the day before. This experiment relates to stellar parallax because just like when the position of my finger shifted, the positions of the stars will also shift. The Earth changes position so the stars we see every night will not be in the same spot and after some time, the stars seen are not the same ones. Distances can make a big difference because the further away the object is then the smaller the shift will be. The shift seems greater when the object is closer. If I could put my finger a very long way from my eye the parallax or the change in position would just seem minimal and might not even be noticeable. Teaching Application : -“Pin It”: For this experiment get a pin the tail on the donkey game as well as a pirate patch. Have the children line up in a straight line. Put the pin the tail on the donkey game on the wall and have the first person that is up put on the pirate patch, which will cover one eye. Have each child try to pin the tail on the donkey. Explain to the children that this is similar to the idea of parallax. -“On The Line”: In this experiment draw a straight line on the board. Then ask the children to stand in a line a couple of feet away. While using one eye only, have them align their pencil with the line drawn on the board. Then without moving, have them use their other eyes. This will demonstrate the idea of parallax.
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Experiment 11-2 (The Apparent Rotation of the Sky) Objective : To demonstrate the apparent rotation of the sky. Results, Explanation, Conclusion
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Lab 11 - Experiment 11-1 (Parallax) Objective: To...

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