Political Science Supreme Court Bibliography & Outline

Political Science Supreme Court Bibliography & Outline...

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Nicole Barbour John Lucas 2/4/10 Annotated Bibliography Balkin, Jack M. “The Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate for Health Insurance.” Health Care Reform Center . February 10, 2010. New England Journal of Medicine. February 24, 2010. This article talks primarily about the oppositions of the health care reform bill and the rebuttals that are made to refute these arguments. The relevance of this piece is that it is addressing the constitutionality of having health care, which is what the court topic is centered on. This source was written recently and given that it comes from The New England Journal of Medicine, who prides itself on being reliable and produces high-quality works, it would appear that it is dependable. Also Jack M. Balkin, who wrote the article, has a Ph. D and J.D. and is a Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment at Yale Law School, which adds to the reliability because he has a background in law and is familiar with politics. Although it does show a slight bias to the health care bill being constitutional, the overall quality of the work is well written. It effectively gets across both arguments of why people argue that the health care bill is unconstitutional as well as why others believe that it is constitutional based on what is written in the constitution. Chemerinsky, Erwin. “Health Care Reform is Constitutional,” Politico . October 23, 2009. February 16, 2010. This resource is centered on why the health care bill can be seen as being constitutional. This article is relevant because it is showing the significance of the bill and how one could argue that
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it is lawful. The relevance directly pertains to the case that we are trying to prove and aids in developing the idea of the health care bill being legal. The article can be seen as reliable because it gives evidence from the Constitution as well as past Supreme Court cases. Also this resource was written by Erwin Chemerinsky who is a law professor and has been said to be a scholar in United States constitutional law. Given his background, the article would appear to be a dependable resource on the constitutionality of the health care bill. There is an obvious bias in this article that maintains that the health care bill is constitutional. Although there is partiality, the resource backs up its defense with factual evidence and the overall quality of the piece is well done and successfully written. Cover, Matt. “Hoyer Says Constitution’s ‘General Welfare’ Clause Empowers Congress to Order
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Political Science Supreme Court Bibliography & Outline...

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