eng 107 part 2 - Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor...

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Unformatted text preview: Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor Zimbleman English 107 9 December 2009 Thematic Purpose The portrayal of characters within a writing often aid in developing the theme of the story. In Revelation, Flannery OConnor uses the individuals to establish and evolve the main point of her work. OConnor utilizes the characters Mrs. Turpin and Mary Grace to convey the theme of the works, which is the concept of secular autonomy, the smug confidence that human nature is perfectible by its own efforts, and that through an act of violence so intense the character is rendered helpless (Kahane 411). The characters in the story are put into ordinary situations with unusual twists to show that no one is truly flawless and that their imperfections can be seen. Mrs. Turpin is a character who lives in this world where she can place harsh and critical judgments on others but sees herself as being the exceptional example of perfection. She has this mentality that she is better than others and although she doesnt openly express this belief, she...
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eng 107 part 2 - Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor...

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