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Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor Zimbleman English 107 2 November 2009 Musical Poetry A song on the radio might not always be looked at as poetic; however, lyrics can often be recognized as poetry when examined more closely. For many years the musical group Rascal Flatts has been inspiring and impacting the lives of people with their profound and insightful music. The songs “Here Comes Goodbye” and “What Hurts the Most” deal with deep and intense feelings of heartache and grief. Their song “Here Comes Goodbye” is a lyric that conveys the personal emotions of a mother who is watching her daughter grieve because of the loss of her father and child. In “What Hurts the Most” a woman is expressing the sorrow she is feeling because of the unexpected loss of a loved one. These songs are very similar and can be seen as effective poems because of literary elements that are utilized such as tone, stanzas, imagery, theme, and diction. When the lyrics are examined as a type of poetry, the reader is brought to a greater understanding and appreciation for these compositions. Both songs are narrative poems because although they aren’t very long, they tell tragic yet moving stories. The mother is the speaker in “Here Comes Goodbye” and effectively puts into words the actions that have taken place. This song is divided into six stanzas, which is a
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Eng 107 Essay #3 - Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor...

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