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Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor Zimbleman English 107 19 October 2009 The Unlawful Characters A character’s intentions and motives are often the framework upon which the story is built. Abner Snopes in “Barn Burning” and the Misfit in “A Good Man is Hard to Find” are two antagonistic characters who undermine authority and change the lives of the people they encounter. Both men are similar in the fact that they continuously commit the same crime over and over again; however, they differ in their attitudes about their criminal behaviors. The two criminals are embedded within the South and are diminishing the outlook of good southern people. The complexity of these round characters is developed more fully through the story by their actions and character traits. There are apparent similarities between Abner Snopes and the Misfit, and at the root of these comparisons is the fact that they both commit intentional and dangerous crimes. Although these two characters carry out offences that are against the law, neither are satisfied with just doing the transgression once. It is apparent that events that have taken place in their lives are the driving factors behind these offenses. They take part in these crimes multiple times and have shown no desire or sign of stopping. It is evident that the Misfit and Abner Snopes are cruel and heartless people who get delight in other people’s sorrow. The actions they both have taken in their lives has given them a miserable existence and because of this, they cripple the lives of the people they meet.
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Barbour 2 The primary difference that separates Abner Snopes from the Misfit is in the type of
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eng 107 Essay #2 - Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor...

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