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Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor Zimbleman English 107 5 October 2009 The Act of Avenge In “Killings,” by Andre Dubus, the depiction of a killer is looked at from a different angle and is given an uncommon sympathetic outlook. The death of Matt Fowler’s son Frank drives him to seek revenge on the person that took him away from his family. Although there are two murders, the two killers are looked at from differing perspectives. These killings were done by seemingly normal people who, in some way or another, resulted to the act of murder. The story’s structure gives insight into the troubling situation and sheds light on the purpose of why the characters took the actions that they did. The fact that a story’s structure can hold such power to its meaning just goes to show how easily affected the story can be, even by the slightest of details. The structural foundation upon which Andre Dubus writes his essay is with the use of in medias res (beginning in the middle). Dubus starts off with the funeral of his son; however, throughout the story, he uses the device of continuous flashbacks to inform the reader of events that occurred prior to the son’s death. The strategy of using flashbacks gives insight to the budding relationship between Frank and Mary Ann and the brutal murder done by Mary Ann’s estranged husband Richard Strout. Both Matt and Strout don’t view themselves as killers; they were just killings done out of what they thought was love for a particular person. The details that are given help the reader to understand the particular circumstances and the reasons for why
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Eng 107 Essay #1 - Barbour 1 Nicole Barbour Instructor...

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