Interconnection between Light

Interconnection between Light - 2 The ATP goes into the...

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Interconnection between Light-Dependent and Light-Independent reactions. Light Dependent Reaction 1) Light and water enter the Thylakoid. 2) The Thylakoid sends O 2 out. Light Independent Reaction 1) CO 2 enters the Calvin-Benson Cycle Interconnection 1) ADP enters the Thylakoid and ATP comes out.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) The ATP goes into the Calvin-Benson Cycle and ADP comes out. 3) The ADP re-enters the Thylakoid… 1) NADP enters the Thylakoid and NADPH comes out. 2) NADPH enters the Calvin-Benson Cycle and NADP comes out. 3) The NADP re-enters the Thylakoid…...
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